Ground Shipping Services

Ground freight takes a variety of forms, including perishables, routine shipments and final-mile deliveries. Whether you're delivering raw goods, manufactured products or anything in between, reliable ground shipping services serve as an engine that powers your business.

We pair your domestic and cross-border ground freight with the best transportation solutions to meet your needs, including:

  • Truckload shipping
  • Dry-van trucking
  • Hot-shot trucking
  • Expedited ground service
  • Refrigerated units
  • Flatbed trucks

Road Transport

Ground freight is a cheap transportation method generally used to transport large items that are not time-sensitive. Shipping freight via ground is often LTL and takes three to 10 days for delivery, depending on the pickup & delivery locations.

If your shipment requires overnight, high-speed, or international delivery, then consider using rail shipping, ocean container shipping, or air freight as transportation alternatives.

Shipping on ground freight

Ground Transportation Services provides timely pickup and delivery of people and goods. Our ground Transportation Services covers any city worldwide, it can be customized to meet any agency's specific needs. These services may include environmentally sustainable options designed through Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Program that reduce the impact of freight transport on the environment in the areas of fuel consumption, greenhouse gas, and emissions of air toxics. Coverage can be on a regional, national, or worldwide basis.

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Cilck on the request quote button at and fill the form to select a service. Our 24/7 dynamic team will forward the quote to you within the shortest possible time by email or phone call.

  • Quotes are explicit
  • You can return message or call
  • Get clarifications at all times


Bring your parcel for shipment

We accept all non toxic, non harmful, and only legal packages ranging from pets, livestock, light and heavy weight packages etc. Contact us with your package to find out. We have locations all around the United States and partners worldwide.

  • Packages are properly checked
  • Guarantee delivery is validated
  • Refund Policy is 100%


Tracking Your Order

Once we accept and process your shipment, we provide a tracking number that can be used to track your shipment right up to deliver on our integrated dynamic tracking page.

  • Track shipment information
  • Track package status
  • Get free bonus on Kg after 3 shipments

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